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I would like to take this opportuniy to welcome you to my little corner of the Internet. I would also like to emphasize that this little corner has been a part of the Internet since 1996. A little corner that has been presented in different shapes during the years from what once was my childhood interest – IT. An interest that began to take shape in 1996; you could actually find me coding HTML by the age of 12. And it is with great pleasure that I see how the development progressed during the years. But so have also I.

The person I was when I wrote this profile some 20 years ago had great future plans in the IT industry. I think I have surprised myself that I now, 20 years later am writing about how I made a career within the transportation and education industry, this would in many ways shock the young linux geek. Life has taken me out from a life infront of the computer on a different road. In terms of my experience so far, this hasn’t been something I have regretted. And I think that life did surprise me alot, but this is also what I believe is beautiful with life. The dynamics.

Because I believe that the dynamics is what life is all about; family, movies, career, concerts and good music, travelling, poetry, friends are some of the parts of my life that makes it worth while. This is what makes me confident. This is what makes life so beautiful.

I’m writing this down for future generations

Visited 20 countries

Visited 12 kent concerts

Lost 20 kilograms

Speaks 3 languages fluently



Driving Instructor

I educate mainly in the following classes of the driving licence: B / B96 / BE. I also educate theory courses and skid pad experiences.

I aslo have some experience educating professional drivers in the following classes: C / CE. I have the ambition to educate in all classes.


Professional Driver

I have extensive experience as a bus driver in suburban and interurban passenger traffic in Sweden, Norway and Europe.

I have also had experience as a truck driver within freight traffic transportation.



I was temporarily employed recruiting and matching consultants with the right skills for the health sector in Norway.

It is primarily this experience that has taught me important organizational and administrative skills to function within similar employments.


System Administrator

During my first years in my career I functioned as a system administrator at Telia Mobile / Generic Mobile and their positioning and pager services.


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Work Experience

January, 2012 – Ongoing

Driving Instructor

Ninas Trafikskola Ltd., Krylbo Trafikskola Ltd., Grönlunds Trafikskola Ltd.

I was permanently employed by Ninas Traffic School Ltd. in Luleå as a driving instructor with the main task to be responsible for training pupils to become responsible drivers for class B, B96 and BE license. I resigned the employment of my own free will when the company was sold and I wanted to go forward with new projects.

I was a substitute teacher employed by Krylbo Traffic School Ltd. in Avesta as a driving instructor with the main task to be responsible for training pupils to become responsible drivers for class B licence. This job has developed me in a very educational and experiential way mainly in intensive educational programs.

I was a temporary employee of Grönlunds Traffic School Ltd. in Stockholm, as a driving instructor with the main task to be responsible for the training of professional drivers within the municipal adult education. In essence, I trained truck drivers with driving license CE. A lot of educational planning were part of the daily work.

Areas of expertise: Astra Premium Educational Software, B, B96, BE, C, CE, Intensive Training, Risk Education – Skid Pad.

March, 2013 – July, 2013


Konstali Helsenor Ltd.

I was temporarily employed by Konstali Helsenor ltd as a recruiter with the main task of recruiting and matching consultants with the right skills for the health sector in Norway. Normal work duties would be normal personell management such as recruting, contract management, checking references, sales and practical solutions for Konstali Helsenors consultants.

June, 2009 – September, 2011

Bus driver – Tourist Traffic

OsloBuss AS

I was employed by Oslo Buss AS as a bus driver essentially in tourist based traffic. I had different responsibilies with different groups. I would certainly like to emphasize the opportunity this employment has given me in terms of being; stress resistant, careful, and conscientious.

I have also had the great opportunity to experience Norway, Sweden and large parts of Europe as a part of my daily job which I personally consider to be one of the most fulfilling aspects of this job.

January, 2008 – June, 2011

Truck Driver

Norway Post

I was first employed through the consulting firm Student Consulting during my first months in Oslo, but then went into an employment agreement with the Norway Post.

I worked mainly as a truck driver in freight traffic in Oslo. This job cab be regarded as a great personal experience for me. Particularly regarding working hours, but also how I want communication to work between manager and employee.

November, 2005 – April, 2008

Bus Driver – Intercity Traffic

Alviks Trafik AB

I was employed by Alviks Trafik Ltd. as a bus driver in regular route service. I was during this time able to occasionally function as a bus driver within tourist traffic, mainly in the area of the northen parts of Sweden but also occasional trips to the southern parts of Sweden.

I was also employed as a bus driver within the subsidiary company Piteå City Buss Ltd. during my years at Alviks Trafik Ltd.

April, 2001 – August, 2004

System administrator

Telia Mobile Ltd. / Generic Mobile Ltd.

I was employed early in my life by Telia Mobile Ltd. and Generic Mobile Ltd. as an extra resource as a system administrator.

My main tasks were to administer linux enviroments of our pager clients and positioning mobile systems. I also worked with document management, troubleshooting procedures and third-line support during my employment.


2010 – 2012

Driving Instructor

College, Borlänge.

The education included vehicle safety, theory and practice in health and safety procedures within my role as an educator. I also studied Constitutional traffic knowledge, traffic psychology, traffic safety and vocational education.

2005 – 2006

Transport Technology & Coach And Bus


My eductation within the Transport technology education included theory and practice in health and safety within the role as a professional driver carrying dangerous goods, different vehicle combinations, documentation, GPS, trucks. After completion, driving licence class CE was received.

My eductation within the coach and bus education included theory and practice in health and saftey within the role as a professional driver carrying passengers and ensuring this in case of accidents. It also included customer service, professional ethics and transportation regulations. After completion, driving licence class D was received.

2002 – 2005

IT & System design


The education included theory and practice in programming C++, Linux/Windows Operating System, Firewall (pf/iptables), MySQL databases, sales and service, english, ensemble, psychology, and more.

Other qualifications

Mars, 2002 – Augusti, 2005

Project Manager

CQR Network

I was a project manager in my own hosting project during my youth. It was first a private matter, but after time it became a project for young people in Sweden. The idea behind this project from the start was to learn more about server operations and simultaneously create a safe environment for skilled like-minded young people.

The project became extremely popular and came to be my project during my years in upper secondary school.

I mainly operated within the boundaries of Linux & BSD with crontab scheduled backup operations, firewalls such as DMZ, mail & web servers, monitoring.

1998 – 2002

System Administrator

Luleå- & Älvsby Associations

I found my way into the computer world because of these two non-profit computer associations. I would like to emphasize that these associations laid the ground of everything I was to experience the following years working as a professional system administrator within the IT industry. The main responsibility was to administer the server networks and their users during these years.

Skills: Driving Licence

B (Car)

BE (Car with trailer)

C (Truck)

CE (Truck with trailer)

D (Bus)

DE (Bus with trailer)

Skills: Languages




Skills: IT









Peter Malmgren

CEO / Ninas Trafikskola AB

Directly translated from swedish to english

Marcus has worked as a driving instructor for cars, Marcus has had theoretical lessons. Marcus has been trained as a risk teacher for skid pad and has also worked with this. He is also an accomplished educator in the B96 and BE driving license.

Marcus is a happy and social guy who spreads warmth and joy all around him. He has been very well liked by his students and has fulfilled his commitments in a very nice way!

We recommend Marcus for further work as a driving instructor!


Ellinor Bäckström Larsson

Headmaster / Nordiskt Flygteknikcentrum

Directly translated from swedish to english

As an older student you in a sense automatically have higher demands in your driving lessons. Further, my job as headmaster requires that I have the skills and experience to be able to make an accurate assessment of teaching skills.

Marcus Sundman is an excellent driving instructor who provides security in a situation that may feel extremely vulnerable – namely to learn something new.

Marcus has strong communications skills and are very clear in his teaching. He is interesting, calm and purposeful while his friendly personality creates security.

OsloBuss AS

Svein Busch Iversen

CEO / Oslo Buss AS

Directly translated from norwegian to english

Marcus was employed as bus driver on all our buses in Oslo. And was employed under the premises as a tourist bus driver and went on journeys throuhout Norway in general, but also individual trips abroad. Marcus was a good and safe driver with an ability to obtain good contact with our customers.

Posten, Norge

Tommy Lien

Transport Manager / Norway Post

Directly translated from norwegian to english

Marcus has proven to be an employee who is flexible and not afraid to take responsibility. He has a good relationship with customers, colleagues and superiors. Marcus is conscientious and practices his job as a LGV driver satisfactory.

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Some of these testimonals has been translated in my resume.


Contact Information

  • Name:Marcus Sundman
  • Phone:+46703941337


  • I live far up in the northen parts of Sweden in a town called Luleå. I am relocatable.

  • Luleå, Sverige